4 Most Common User Errors

We love interacting with our customers and helping resolve support inquiries - it's a large portion of our day here at Numero on the Customer Success team!  While we have a soft spot for a good problem-solving challenge, there are a few common inquiries that users are usually shocked to realize they can resolve with a few simple clicks. If you have new users on your team you can always send them to one of our new user trainings hosted each week but at a minimum, I recommend sending them these few common user errors that can save time and headaches when managing up your CRM and calltime lists. 

1. Incorrect Mail-Merge Set-Up in Email/ Text Templates  

When setting up your calltime lists you'll want to set up text and email templates to make communicating with your donors a walk in the park. You can include mail merge options in these templates to easily bring in the first name, salutation, ask amount, contribution form, and user signature. If you utilize the mail merge feature and find that the content isn’t populating as intended, you need to make sure that the function is properly typed out as it appears in the tooltip itself (including capitalization). The correct mail merges are as follows: {FIRST_NAME}, {SALUTATION}, {ASK_AMOUNT}, {CONTRIBUTION_URL}, and {USER_NAME}.  You’ll know that it is populating correctly when you save the template and see the font appear in blue.  If it is incorrect, it will display in black font.  Read More about text and email templates. 

2. Text/Email/Voicemail Drop Templates Not Associated with a Calltime List 

Now, once you've built your text and email templates, how do you make sure they are associated to the appropriate calltime lists? A calltime list will not display your template as an option unless you associate it with that template or if the template is marked as primary.  If a template is intended only for use with a specific list, you will need to one-off associate the template(s) to whichever calltime list is needed.  If you mark a template as primary (a primary template that can essentially be associated with all calltime lists due to its generic content - like “Thanks for the chat”, etc.), the primary template will associate with all calltime lists moving forward.  Already sent a few calltime lists to the App that you need primary template associated?  No problem, you can associate those primary templates to past calltime lists.  Learn more about associating templates (#4) here.

3. Call Result Options Do Not Appear or the Wrong Options Appear in the Mobile App

The call results you see in the CRM when filtering by Interaction > Call Result may not be the exact same as the ones you see in the App when you go to log an interaction.  The CRM filtered Call Results include results from any bulk import, manually added interactions to a donor’s individual profile, and when you add custom call results within the calltime feature.  If you don’t see a specific call result when logging an interaction in the App, you will need to have an Admin or Finance user add the call result to the Edit Call Results feature found within the Calltime Lists tab. Read Step by Step Instructions on how to adjust your mobile calltime app interaction result choices.

4. My Import created duplicates in my CRM, why? 

We have a matching algorithm to help you prevent duplicates but some still made it through - ugh - the worst! When you bulk import Contacts, Interactions, and/ or Contributions, it is super important to include matching properties in the file being imported to: 

A. Help append new information from the file to existing profiles in the CRM

B. Help create a more complete profile so that any future imports you do with matching properties will append the additional information appropriately

Our system will look for the same First Name and Last Name first, then look for another matching property to help append that info. Additional matching properties that you will need to add into the file are: Employer, Occupation, Addresses, Emails, Phone Numbers, Numero Contact ID. Additionally, if your donor is a Jr. or Sr. for example do not forget to include their Suffix in the Suffix column so that we do not mix them up with their family member! 

Another matching property that can be utilized is VANID.  This is for teams that have an additional database where they want to store the external ID within a profile. Always be sure that the VANID is on the correct donor's profile as well as the file you are importing because using a VANID will be prioritized in the matching algorithm to identify the donor. If you include the wrong VANID on the wrong contact in your import file, you risk accidentally changing the names on the profiles in your CRM, yikes! 

You can read more about bulk importing here.

I hope this article helps you maintain your CRM and calltime lists with more confidence but know that we're always available at support@numero.ai for everything from the smallest questions to the biggest and scariest CRM challenges the universe has to offer!  And remember - you're doing great! 


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