How do I set up my bank account in Numero?

1. Select Contribution Forms and Select SetUp Numero Payment Processing link in the purple bar at the top of the forms page 

2. A new window should open at which point you'll be asked to enter your entity information, personal information, and bank account information. You will need both an EIN for the entity and SSN to establish that there is a real person behind the entity. EIN numbers are FREE through the Federal government and can be applied for at If at any time you are charged for an EIN number you are likely utilizing a third-party service to apply for your EIN which is unnecessary and possibly fraudulent, cease the process immediately and apply for an EIN only at Both an EIN and an SSN are required in Stripe per Federal banking regulations. 

IMPORTANT: When it asks for your email, if you have previously created a Stripe account through Numero using your email address, you need to enter a unique email address to set up this account. You cannot use the same exact email address as there can only be 1 account per email address. The email may pre-fill with a suggested email address which you can use if it is unique. Most email providers (Google and Microsoft included) allow you to add a + to the end of the first part of your email before the @ and include a unique identifier. Example: If you have any questions about this please contact If Stripe is trying to connect to your existing account vs. allow you to create a new one, please do not proceed and contact for further instructions. 

3. Once this process is complete you can start accepting contributions the same day 

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