Closeout Checklist

If you're winding down the last cycle, or if you're looking for ways to streamline your platform, our Team Numero-certified checklist keeps your platform organized and tidied up, and ready for the upcoming cycle.

Make a plan for your recurring contributions 

□ Make no changes and retain your monthly donors

□ Deactivate forms if your recurring contributions need to be canceled

□ Pause forms if your recurring contributions need to be held temporarily

Clean up your Calltime lists

□ Archive old calltime lists

□ Delete custom call results that are duplicates

Organize your database with codes

□ Contact code your 2022 donors

□ Member code all 2022 interactions, pledges, and contributions

Tidy your code management center

□ Categorize related contact codes, source codes, or member codes
□ Merge or rename redundant codes

Or download our handy and festive checklist below!

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