How do I segment my contacts with And / Or filter groups?

When filtering your contacts in Numero you can now use a combination of "And" and "Or" filters to yield smarter, more precise results. When adding filters on top of each other, you'll to either combine them with an "And" or "Or" statement.

Using "And" to combine filters means that any contact who is part of your results meets BOTH of the filter criteria. In the example below, the results show any contact with a zip code of 60622 AND has at least one interaction

Using "Or" to combine filters means that any contact who is part of your results meets ONE OF the filter criteria. In the example below, it's showing us all contacts with a zip of 60622 OR at least one interaction, resulting in far more contacts, as you'd expect.

Combining "And" and "Or" 

You can also use the "And" and "Or" feature to combine filter groups. In the example above, we used "And" and "Or" statements to combine only two filters in the same group. But what if you want to add an "And" or "Or" statement to that entire group? Well, now you can! 

1. Start by adding your first filter(s) for your first group, as I did below. In this case, I created a filter to show anyone who has an email.

2. Now I want to add an additional filter to the same filter group as my first filter. To do so, select the filter icon next to the existing filter, and choose your next filter. I chose  has a phone number as my next filter. Then, click on the "AND" button to choose to make this an "AND" or "OR" statement. I'm going to make this an "OR" statement, which means that this is filtering for anyone who has an email address or a phone number.

3. Now I can create a second filter group. To start your next filter group, you DO want to click the bigger "Add Filter" button and choose your filter. I chose to add a filter for has an open pledge.

4. Now I can choose if I want to connect the two filter groups with an "AND" or "OR" statement. I chose "AND" which means that these results are going to show any donor in my system who has a phone number AND has never contributed AND has an email and has never contributed

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